About LBA

LBA Realty is a full service real estate investment and management company with a diverse portfolio of office and industrial properties in major markets throughout the western United States including California, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, Texas and Utah. The foundation of our company is to create and execute customized value creation programs for individual properties and to develop strong customer relationships.


LBA owns and operates a portfolio of industrial properties that total over 26 million square feet located throughout the western United States including state-of-the-art, high bay distribution space, light manufacturing, multi tenant business parks and R&D space. Our facilities provide a unique variety of industrial space for our customers both large and small. Our locations range from major port and airport adjacent locations including Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco, San Diego and Seattle to more regional inland locations such as Dallas, Denver, Phoenix and Las Vegas.

The LBA industrial program offers years of experience working closely with our customers to provide high quality industrial space with proactive management so they can run their businesses efficiently and profitably. With our institutional ownership in multiple markets, we are able to meet our customer’s space needs regardless of whether they are expanding or contracting to accommodate their corporate or economic objectives.