Our ESG Mission

LBA continues on our mission to embed, within the company, environmental, social and governance policies and practices that advance the greater good. Our mission allows us to serve key stakeholders: team members, investors, customers, service provider partners and the communities where we invest, live and work.

Our ESG mission is to embrace business practices that reduce our carbon footprint to encourage sustainability and improve outcomes for of our stakeholders economically and socially.

Diversity, equity and inclusion are key to our approach, which is evolving as we examine ways to engage our stakeholders, further diversify our relationships, and expand opportunities for people to advance and share in the rewards that the organization generates. We also look to maximize the social impacts of our philanthropic activities through our charitable foundation.

ESG is integral to the performance of our assets, funds and portfolio strategies. We continue to make progress through the level of responsibility we show towards our people, our properties and our communities. The adoption of best practices and our willingness to benchmark ourselves with third-party validation of our performance allows us to measure our results over time and demonstrate our sustained commitment.







ESG Annual Report

Each year, LBA prepares an Annual ESG Report to share our results with our stakeholders and demonstrate our continued commitment in this area.

ESG Policy

LBA Realty is committed to integrating environmental, social and governance performance (“ESG”) considerations into its business practices consistent with its overall objective of maximizing  investor returns.  As part of this commitment, LBA will consider ESG elements that could have a material impact to financial performance and use appropriate efforts to leverage opportunities and  mitigate associated risks accordingly.

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