LBA Logistics

Data Management


LBA is an ENERGY STAR Partner and has also been recognized as a PREMIER MEMBER of the ENERGY STAR Certification Nation. LBA partners with our tenants to help measure building performance and identify energy savings opportunities.

Utility Automation

LBA has engaged a software platform to automate our energy, water and waste data directly from utilities and maintain the information in one central location within their platform. By automating data collection, human errors are minimized, providing more accurate and reliable information. The software also pushes the data collected into ENERGY STAR's Portfolio Manager on our behalf. Having our data in one location allows us to analyze the utility information easily and identify energy reduction opportunities across our portfolio and for our tenants.

Utility Measurement & Disclosure

LBA measures all utilities (energy, water and waste) that are available. By measuring utilities, we are able to partner with our tenants to help them identify their building’s performance and make adjustments where needed. This helps them lower their operating expenses, as well as reduces their energy consumption and carbon footprint. Through utility measuring we are also able to comply with local jurisdictions in the United States that have adopted energy disclosure laws making measuring utilities mandatory for commercial buildings.