LBA Logistics

Energy, Water and Waste

Renewable Energy Program

LBA Realty has partnered with Black Bear Energy as it’s “owner’s representative” to identify, assess, procure and implement solar, battery storage, and fuel cell platforms where feasible. LBA has three battery storage systems in Southern California and two solar systems in Arizona and New Jersey with plans to add more of these systems to our platform over the next year. By looking at renewable energy programs, LBA is afforded the benefits of lowering operating costs and the ability to partner with our tenants. We leverage our knowledge to create value for both our tenants and investors.

Water Conservation

LBA Realty actively identifies ways to improve water efficiency throughout our portfolio. How can you manage what you don’t measure? We make water a priority by benchmarking and tracking water performance and making adjustments where needed. We install drought tolerant plant materials, as well as drip irrigation to reduce water consumption. We educate our tenants on water conservation efforts and what they can do to conserve water and report leaks.  

Recycling, E-Cycling, and Composting

LBA Realty is committed to reducing waste, reusing material and implementing recycling at our buildings. Our programs help to conserve energy and raw materials to benefit the environment. We have made it a priority to educate our employees and tenants on how to properly recycle waste at our buildings and in their offices.