Sustainability - LBA Logistics

Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) Policy

LBA Realty is committed to integrating environmental, social and governance performance (“ESG”) considerations into its business practices consistent with its overall objective of maximizing  investor returns.  As part of this commitment, LBA will consider ESG elements that could have a material impact to financial performance and use appropriate efforts to leverage opportunities and  mitigate associated risks accordingly.

Sustainability - LBA Logistics

Commitment to Environmental Management
LBA will consider the following objectives related to environmental management:
•   Ongoing investigation and management of the environmental impact of LBA’s business activities
•   Actively seeking to reduce energy use and habitat impact, increase energy efficiency and adopt 
    more sustainable operations, including by supporting tenants’ efforts to recycle or reduce energy 
    consumption.  Depending on the nature of the asset and circumstances, LBA will typically seek to 
    achieve the following objectives with respect to an asset:
            - An overall reduction of 5% in energy and water consumption
            - A total annual savings of 5% in energy and water costs
            - An increase in portfolio and per property Energy Star rating
•   Complying with work place health and safety and environmental regulations in jurisdictions 
    where LBA operates
•   Actively seeking ways to improve indoor air quality through green cleaning methods and reducing 
    and/or eliminating the
    use of harsh chemicals and pesticides in partnership with LBA’s service partners and tenants
•   Will actively evaluate risks associated with climate change impacts to LBA investments and 
    potential investments in order to mitigate risks and leverage opportunities in order to deliver 
    profitable, risk adjusted returns
•   Develop awareness programs designed to educate partners, investors, employees and associates 
    about opportunities to save money and protect the environment through improved operational 
    efficiencies and other strategies

Commitment to Social Responsibility
LBA will endeavor to promote social responsibility within its organization and the communities in 
which it operates through a
variety of methods including:
•   Supporting charities and community initiatives within the local communities where LBA does 
     business, including initiatives such as health and wellness programs, toy drives, food drives and 
     blood drives, among others
•   Selecting partners and service providers with exceptional reputations and similar commitments 
     to social responsibility
•   Promoting employee awareness of LBA’s code of ethics which emphasizes adherence to the highest 
     levels service, loyalty, integrity and trust

Commitment to Corporate Governance Practices
LBA will pursue corporate governance practices aimed at:
•   Conducting its business in a manner to avoid unfair or corrupt business practices
•   Compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations
•   Transparency in reporting to investors
•   Consistent dialogue with investors and partners
•   Will consider physical, liability and transition risks associated with climate change and the 
    potential impacts to current and future investments