Health & Wellness

Our Commitment to Health and Wellness

LBA is committed to providing a healthy workplace for our team members, customers and visitors. To that end, LBA has collaborated with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) in their Verified Healthy Building Program to achieve third-party validation of our indoor environmental quality across our office portfolio. Additionally, LBA pursues the Fitwel certification, where possible, to align with the CDC and GSA’s standards for healthy and productive workplaces. We also partner with Alveole to bring urban beehives to our properties, which provides benefits to the local community.

UL Verified Healthy Building Program

LBA made a commitment to provide a healthier work environment for our valued customers. As a result, we were the first company globally to achieve the UL Verified Healthy Building Mark for Indoor Environment across our office portfolio. Throughout the process, we collaborated with UL, the global safety science leader, to help ensure that our office portfolio meets the peak level of standards in performance and building protocols in indoor environmental quality. To earn the UL Verification Mark, buildings must undergo a rigorous, science-based assessment that entails on-site inspections and comprehensive performance tests to evaluate a range of building conditions. To maintain verification, the properties undergo on-site inspections twice a year to ensure excellent indoor environmental quality performance.


LBA Realty - Sustainability - Certifications - Fitwel

LBA has achieved Fitwel certifications throughout the portfolio, with continuous evaluation for new opportunities. LBA’s Fitwel program demonstrates our commitment to prioritize healthy building operations and assist in the well-being of our office and industrial customers. The program also encourages our operations team to promote wellness by incorporating new amenities and strategies at the asset level. Some strategies that we are most proud of include a “Fit Program” offering complimentary yoga and pilates classes, a room for nursing mothers, incentives for choosing healthy food options and desirable common seating areas.


LBA launched our biodiversity initiative by welcoming urban beehives to our properties. We have partnered with Alveole to bring urban beehives to the rooftops, which are home to approximately 160K bees. This initiative provides creative engagement with our customers by giving them the opportunity to meet the bees and learn about the positive impact they have on the environment. Approximately 250K species of flowering plants depend on bee pollen to reproduce and many insects and small animals rely on plants pollinated by bees each year to survive. Additionally, bee pollination accounts for more than $15 billion in added U.S. crop value and bees produce hive products including honey. This initiative aligns with LBA’s overall commitment to health and wellness by providing the local communities with the many benefits that bees have within their surrounding ecosystem.