Sustainability - LBA Realty

Connected to the Environment

LBA Realty focuses on sustainable efforts within the framework of our Sensible Sustainability Strategy. The strategy allows us to drive value through tenant engagement, unique programs and expense reduction opportunities. We effectively communicate and implement our sustainable goals through clear direction within our company, identify energy efficiency and consumption reduction practices in our buildings and promote awareness and engagement of our customers and partners. We measure our sustainability success by reviewing our results year-over-year.

Sustainability - LBA Realty

Sustainability Certified Buildings


ENERGY STAR® Certified Buildings

LBA is an ENERGY STAR Partner and has been recognized as a PREMIER MEMBER of the ENERGY STAR Certification Nation and the 2019 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year. LBA tracks all office buildings, and industrial where feasible, in Portfolio Manager and demonstrates the commitment to save energy, protect the environment and conserve for the future through obtaining ENERGY STAR certifications. ENERGY STAR certified buildings use 35 percent less energy and cause 35 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than similar buildings.


LEED Certified Buildings

LBA is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and utilizes LEED as a framework to ensure we are operating all of our buildings with the highest standards of building efficiency and practices.

Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Policy

LBA Realty is committed to integrating environmental, social and governance performance (“ESG”) 
considerations into its business practices consistent with its overall objective of maximizing 
investor returns.  As part of this commitment, LBA will consider ESG elements that could have a 
material impact to financial performance and use appropriate efforts to leverage opportunities and 
mitigate associated risks accordingly.

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